When we first came up with the plan for a magazine, the ideal would have been to go to print. A nice proposal, who doesn’t love flicking through the glossy pages of a magazine?  I have way too many pretty publications in my own home, I know this because my husband tells me so! That said, I do really enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine on an evening and taking my sweet time to read the articles but, I’m willing to give this treat up for our collective future. Are you?

As a fledgling business, we found ourselves mulling over the problem of not adding to the planet’s burden. We wished to remain as carbon neutral as is technically possible. It made complete sense after the pandemic lockdown issues, to ensure our business could continue uninterrupted, we should ensure things were as simple and light on physical resources as possible.

I personally feel that when one considers starting a new business, one must truly aim to limit the use of the world’s resources.  There is really no excuse, and it’s not like we aren’t aware of our responsibilities to help save this planet we inhabit.

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Of course, we would love to publish, but until a company comes up with a way to do this ethically and responsibly, we have decided to be digital-only. Please do contact us if you have the exact thing we are looking for, a turnkey, green printing solution!

Digital only, may sound business limiting, but in fact, it helps us to be a global proposition rather than just a local one. I happen to think this is really important, in a world that feels so divisive and limited.

Our demographic is already global and we aren’t limiting our readers or advertising clients to one country. One doesn’t have to live here in France to read, advertise or enjoy our magazine.  However, I do think it’s vital to bring Europe and the UK back together in some way, going forward. Many of our readers here in France own independent small businesses that have suffered dreadfully due to Brexit. Overnight, they either ended up with a far more expensive way of doing business with the UK or decided to fold altogether as their UK customer base dwindled to nothing. 

The UK also now has a problem targeting their pre-Brexit, European market, and one of our aims is to help them link up with us again. Business is business, as they say! That said, we are also aiming to widen our demographic to most countries and of course, existing in the digital ether will make this possible.


By being wholly digital, we also have access to other remote, home-working talents from all over the world. Post pandemic, we really feel this is the new way of working and has been a long time coming. We can now manage our time and workload remotely, which is definitely better for a home and family life balance.

I probably start work earlier and finish later, but I can take time out during the day to take care of other business. During my ‘actual office’ days, any flexibility to fit around my personal life was truly lacking and very stressful. Of course, organisation is the key to making it all fit. If you have a very disorganised life, you may find working from home extremely tough, but we will try to cover tips for successful homeworking in issue 6.

Planting a Tree

Every action we take in our daily lives should be an informed choice now. We know how desperate our planet is for us to help repair the damage that we have caused. It’s not going to be easy to change all those terrible habits we’ve learnt from consumerism, but we must. Together we have to make conscious, positive decisions to do more with less, buy less, recycle and re-use more and work cooperatively towards a more sustainable way of living.


Because we have decided to present our work in this manner, our readers can download our media to their chosen device and then make their own, conscious choice whether to print or not. We hope, not.


Welcome to our eco-friendly magazine!