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This disclaimer explains to you the reader that the advertising and editorials on our website do not mean we endorse an opinion stated in an editorial, on a product, service, by a person or business. Some of our editorials, offers, reviews, and giveaways will be paid for by the client or sometimes gifted. We will endeavour to tell you here and across the social media platforms when this is the case. SIMPLY LIVING FRANCE does not necessarily endorse the products, opinions and services advertised. Simply Living Magazine discloses here on the website, socials and any E-Magazines that products sold in ads have not been evaluated or endorsed by the company and or team. In the case of any faults or issues arising you are advised to contact the owner/seller of the product/service and not the MAGAZINE.

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All materials on our website are covered by our copyright and may not be copied or shared without our express permission. Individual articles written and published by our guests, invited, gifted or paid for, remain the property of the author unless otherwise stated. All submissions will be checked for signs of plagiarism where possible. Beyond that, we do not check the background of the author and cannot vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of their articles or services, however, we do ask for a French Siret no. if a guest or client is selling on our site.