A day in the life - of an upcycler

It’s big business and I just love being part of the ‘make do and mend’ trend. In my experience, and also from what my clients tell me, repurposing stuff is good not only for the planet and our wallets, it’s great fun and highly addictive.

This idea extends not just to slapping a bit of paint on a tired piece of old furniture, it follows through to textiles and building materials. Additionally, many items found in brocantes may of course be used in a totally different manner. My advice, let your imagination go! You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

To paint or not to paint is entirely down to personal taste. I have painted, limed and brown wood in my home and all are very happy companions. Whilst there is no right or wrong or indeed any hard and fast rules, I would say technique will make the difference to something looking ok or wow!

I would never rule out a rather ordinary looking piece as with some imagination, a truly lovely item may be created.

Included in this piece are some examples of work I have done - bad paint jobs made into beautiful new pieces, textiles utilised in areas you may not have considered previously and reigniting a passion for decoupage.

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