Hayfever Focus

With so many people suffering from seasonal allergies, I wanted to turn my attention to ways that can help minimise and ease symptoms. The following tips are all aimed at this:

Shower and change clothing after being outside, to help wash off pollen.

Keep windows and doors shut as much as possible. Use heavy net curtains, as this can reduce so much pollen getting into your house.

Vacuum regularly and dust using a damp cloth.

Increasing your daily vitamin C will boost your immune system, which can ease your symptoms.

Taking turmeric daily can help as it’s anti-inflammatory and can help ease symptoms.

Take a trip to the beach; the sea breeze will blow pollen inland, so you may find your symptoms are calmer here.

Try not to spend too much time outside.

Avoid fresh flowers inside.

Try not to dry your clothes outside, as they can catch pollen particles.

Try to avoid cutting the grass, if it’s not possible then cut it regularly to keep it short, as some grasses release pollen the taller they grow.

Keep an eye on local pollen count, if it’s very high it might be better to stay inside.

Over the counter eye drops can ease itchy or irritated eyes, nasal sprays can help with sneezing and a blocked nose.

Antihistamines are also a common treatment, however it is best to visit your GP, who can make sure you are getting the right help, and may be able to identify what type of pollen you are allergic to (tree pollen, grass pollen or weed pollen).

Hopefully following these may help you.

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