ICE..........OUI OU NON

Is it OK to ask for ice for your wine? There is nothing I like more than a crisp and dry white wine or à large glass of cold rosé in the summer and indeed at any time of the year. So yes, we do indeed ask for ‘des glaçons’ especially on a long hot summers day.

Wine is to be enjoyed and therefore I feel justified in ordering ice to add to my glass as this is how I like it. However what may be acceptable in the hot south may be met with sceptism, shock and horror elsewhere. Not only does it change the flavour profile of the wine but it dilutes it to a certain extent, which on a ‘hot summers long lunch’ kinda day, could be somewhat beneficial. On the

Riviera, no one blinks an eye when asked to bring ice, although some take it out the ice bucket, which I wouldnt recommend.

Large cubes are preferable to smaller cubes as the large cubes take longer to melt. Sounds quite scientific eh? But when you have forgotten to put a bottle or two on ice it is a quick and easy

solution and its not wrong although many think its not ‘correct’ étiquette or shows ones ‘poor’ upbringing and you really have no idea how to behave! All of which is nonsense of course, as it can be likened to how one should cook steak. Some préfèr their meat ‘browned to a lovely black’, whilst others prefer it bleu, mi-cuit or saignant. It all comes down to personal preference.

Purists are going to be in disagreement for sure, but more wine fund is are accepting of the idea. As long as you are enjoying the wine and having fun, clink and drink on I say.

Ice buckets aside, there are quite a few gadgets on the market that one can buy to chill ones wine, but as we all well know and perhaps have experienced, on a very hot summers day the wine doesnt stay chilled for too long and one tends to drink faster in order to drink it whilst still chilled which in itself could be a slippery slope.

So the question is “Ice, oui ou non”?

Its a oui from me!

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