Jubilee time

How is it possible that the Queen has been on the throne for 70 years ? I wasn’t even born when she was catapulted into the role, under such sad circumstances too. I remember my mum telling me how she and my dad went to stand outside Buckingham Palace after the coronation, mum was very heavily pregnant with me at the time. She said the crowds were all so happy and there was no unpleasantness as we so often hear about these days. Obviously being so pregnant she was given special treatment by everyone, and helped to the best view points, wonder if that would be the case today ? Sadly not I think. Anyway they stood for hours watching the guards and eventually saw the Queen on the balcony before making their way back to London Bridge station to get a train back to Blackheath, followed by a bus up to Shooters Hill where they lived. I do know there were many loo breaks during this journey!!

I have a few souvenirs of that occasion and treasure them, two coronation mugs and some silver crown coins.

Credit Di Phillips

Sadly many of the souvenirs of this years momentous occasion will have been churned out in China, of poor quality and be unlikely to survive the day let alone years into the future, but I digress. All around the country streets are being closed for jubilee parties, trestle table being covered in coloured sheets ready to be piled with food. Buildings are being decorated with flags and bunting, and so are many houses.

Credit Hampshire Chronicle newspaper

Many people are combining school half term and the extra bank holidays to get away to the continent, airports are jammed, flights being cancelled, ferry ports full to overflowing, much easier to stay home and celebrate with nearest and dearest and watch the festivities on tv.

I cannot begin to comprehend how daunting it must have been for the young princess to have her life changed for ever at the age of 26, loosing her father was hard enough but to be propelled onto the worlds stage at that age must have been terrifying. For so many years she has been centre stage of our lives, always there waving and smiling, 'never complaining and never explaining' the latest generation of royals need to follow this mantra.

Living near the centre of London I was fortunate to be taken to watch the opening of Parliament, standing in the middle of the road to watch the royal carriage rumble past, hoping I was on the 'right' side to wave to the Queen in her magnificent robes and jewels. My dad was ex military so we were also lucky to get tickets for Trooping of the Colour , sometimes just the rehearsals but a few times the actual ceremony, ceremonial occasions are something we Brits do extremely well. The colours and pageantry are second to none, I must admit that at the Trooping it was always fun to spot the servicemen who would faint, one poor guy fainted on his horse onto his drum.

I admit to being a staunch royalist, I have been fortunate enough to meet Prince Charles and believe the monarchy will be in safe hands with him and Prince William. This is time for the country to come together and celebrate all that is good, yes there is much that needs sorting as we head forward but the foundations have been laid for us to build on.

Enjoy the Jubilee however and wherever you celebrate it, I know I will have fun and so will my family.

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