Renovation Project Master Bedroom

Bedrooms, especially our own, should provide sanctuary from the pressures of the day as well as being a cocoon for rest.

Whilst I agree design and colour is personal choice, some colours are simply not conducive for restful slumber. As an example an orange red or bright blue would be two I wouldn’t entertain.

Whilst I have a floral wallpaper the tones are soft and also its behind the bed so as not to interfere with rest. We used a putty grey (Frenchic Stone In Love) on the walls with white ceiling, door and woodwork - however not gloss paint.

Our floors are beautiful chestnut that have been cleaned and varnished to keep them natural.

Linen is always white with added textures in the curtains, throws and cushions.

We are very fortunate to have retained a beautiful over mantle mirror that reflects light as well as being a statement piece. Additionally we have a separate dressing room as I wanted the space clutter free.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these pieces and hope you have enjoyed reading them. This is the last for the magazine however I will continue to blog under Your French Country House so do keep an eye out. My final words on interior design - its personal taste so let yourself go, you’ll may be surprised with the outcomes.

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